High temperature sterilizer with digital timer


Digital sterilizer, ideal for beauty centers. Works at high temperature, heating the tank of quartz beads.

Maximum temperature of 220°C.

Digital timer.

  • Fill the sterilizer with all the quartz balls supplied and close the lid.
  • Turn on the unit by pressing the “POWER” button.
  • Press the switch once: it displays “15”. It will take 15 minutes of heating to reach the required sterilizing temperature. During the warm-up period, the display shows “15” and the decimal point on the right flashes.
  • After 15 minutes of heating, the buzzer sounds three times to remind you that the machine is ready for sterilizing and the display turns to “00” and enters standby.
  • You can then insert the tools and press the switch. The lid must be open. The display shows “20” seconds and counts down while sterilizing. After 20 seconds, the buzzer sounds three times to remind you that sterilization is complete. Do not forget to remove the tools. Next, the machine turns automatically to “00” again and enters “standby” status. Repeat the steps above for further sterilizations.



  • The machine is designed with a self-protecting function which activates 8 hours after powering on. If the machine is in standby status at that time, the buzzer will sound 5 times and automatically stop heating.
  • After the machine has entered self-protecting status, if you want to use it for sterilizing again, you have to switch off the power for a second then restart, but it will take another 15 minutes to heat it up for sterilizing again.
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