Puuteroimaton tehdaspuhdas nitriilikäsine. Hieman ohuempi kuin SAFE PREMIUM -malli,

mutta silti kestävä ja samat standardit täyttävä laadukas kertakäyttökäsine.

  • koko M
  • karhennetut sormenpäät
  • väri: musta
  • pituus 24cm
  • CE merkitty
  • Kat. 3
  • AQL: 1,5
  • Food Safe
  • EN 420, EN 455 1+2+3, EN 374
  • koko: S, M
  • pakkauskoko: 100 kpl/rs, 10×100 kpl/ltk (=1.000kpl)
Tuotetunnus (SKU): Ei saatavilla/-tietoa Osastot: ,


Nitrile gloves Safe Light | powder-free

  • disposable gloves made of light nitrile
  • excellent fit, for a great tactile sensitivity
  • grippy due to textured surface
  • robust, oil and grease resistant
  • resistant against chemicals and solvents
  • Pharmacy Central Number (PZN) available*

Nitrile gloves Safe Light, powder-free by Hygostar

The nitrile glove Safe Light is made of a light nitrile material and is non-sterile and powder-free. It has a excellent fit, which is why it provides the wearer with very good tactile sensitivity. Thanks to a textured surface, the disposable glove has a good grip. It is also possible to work with oily or greasy foodstuffs, as the glove is resistant to grease and oils. In addition, the Safe Light can be used for medical purposes, as it is also resistant to chemicals and solvents.

*Your advantage: This product has a Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): art.2702 – PZN 17160883, art. 2700 – PZN 17160908, art. 2701 – PZN 17160914, art. 2705 – PZN 17160920, art. 2706 – PZN 17160937, art. 2707 – PZN 17160943

The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Light at a glance:

  • powder-free, non-sterile, made of light nitrile
  • great sense of touch thanks to very good fit
  • good grip thanks to textured surface
  • resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • robust, resistant to oil and grease

Functional range

for food and medical purposes

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